Birgitta Hosea

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White Lines (2009/10)

This holographic projection of white lines coming together to form a giant head was created for the Musion Eyeliner holographic projection system. It was awarded a MAMA Holographic Arts Award (Performance category). During this performance at Kinetica Art Fair, I painted myself black and drew white lines on myself within the holographic projection. This had the intention of making all the dark areas dissappear with only the white lines being visable - the technique that was used for making the video itself. In effect, I was dong a live performance drawing within a holographic projection of the same performance drawing. Due to light levels and the way the system works, it is almost impossible to accurately document this work.

The concept behind this was to investigate the performative nature of the act of animation: could I animate myself into existence by drawing with light? The idea of a head floating on stage is inspired by the Georges Méliès film ‘L'homme a la tête en caoutchouc’ (English title - ‘The Man with the Rubber Head’)(1901).