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At Home with Mr and Mrs Smith (2009)

At Home with Mr & Mrs SmithAt Home with Mr & Mrs Smith
At Home with Mr & Mrs Smith

Mr and Mrs Smith would like to invite you for dinner and aperitifs.

Loosely inspired by Ionescu’s Bald Primadonna, this cyberformance invited audience participation to explore the random and meaningless nature of polite conversation.

It was created for the Upstage 090909 festival and used the Upstage system, which is based on Flash and enables live animation over the internet with text to speech synthesis. Users are able to interact with the performers through text chat. I wrote, designed and directed this piece as well as performing the part of Mrs Smith (in London). Matt Wicks gave me invaluable feedback and support during the process. He also performed the part of Mr Smith and the Fireman (in Bath).

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