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Time Channel (2014)

A short film created for the Over Time exhibition in Greenwich, curated by Anne Robinson. For this exhibition, 11 artists were asked to spend 5 hours without a watch or phone on Enderby Wharf, a historic London dockyard about to be redeveloped, and create a new piece of work in response to this experience of time.

For this project, Birgitta channeled a number of messages from the past (text that she had collected from the area - litter, graffitti, industrial waste wshed up on the beach) and wrote this into the code of digital video she had taken. This created the effect of distorting and glitching the colours and picture alignment.

Exhibition at the Stephen Lawrence Gallery, University of Greenwich:

Performance at the Maritime Museum, Greenwich in which the film was shown on a loop while the artist recited the list of words she had found as if speaking in tongues:

Exhibition poster:


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