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Medium (2012)

Photo by Caroline Kerslake at GHost IV, St Johns, Bethnal Green, London

Taking the role of a techno-medium, Birgitta Hosea channels messages from film and radio through her multiple digital doubles and live projections of automatic writing, electronic ectoplasmic drawing and animation. Inspired by Victorian spirit photographs, this tableau vivant explores the act of mediation that is involved in the digital image making process. It examines the connections between a medium, such as film or digital code, through which a message is encoded, stored and transmitted and the psychic medium, a person who transmits messages from the spirit world.

Documentation from Exploding Cinema (room curated by Sarah Sparkes):

Documentation from the first performance in Shoreditch Town Hall (curated by Jane Webb):

Photos from the Making Knowledge exhibition at the Lethaby Gallery, Central Saint Martins the following year (2013) in which research material from the making of the project was exhibited:

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