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Holes thumb Walk cycle (with footslip), installation (chalk on black paper, performance and animation, 2021-2)
Holes thumb Holes, installation (paper, animation, 2020-1)
24 Hours in Zoom 24 Hours in Zoom, durational lockdown drawing (graphite, 2020)
Soleimon thumb Soleimon von Schrenk-Magico, live, collaborative, lockdown performance (SKYPE, Crowdcast, 2020)
Infection drawing thumb Infection Drawing II (Trojan), live lockdown performance drawing (graphite, ink, water, 2020)
DDD thumb dotdot dash, site-specific, participatory light action with improvised voice / para-animation (laser pens, voice, chance-based score, 2018-9)
ErasureExhibition Erasure exhibition (animated installation, works on paper, performance, 2018)
Scrubbed Clean Scrubbed Clean, animated installation (charcoal / digital animation, cleaning products on paper, 2018)
Warping the weft installation Warping the Weft, animated installation (string drawing, projection mapped digital animation, 2017)
Erasure film Erasure, short film (ink, bleach, digital animation, 2017)
Rosary Drawing 12 Rosary Drawing XII, performance drawing / para-animation (black paper, water, scouring pad, 2015)
Doll drawing Untitled (doll) drawings, ongoing series
After Delsarte series, cut drawings from performance (mixed media, 2015)
Paradoxes for the Virtual, collaborative performance with Lynn Lu (SKYPE, data projector, 2015)
Link to Shadow Puppet projects Shadow Puppets, various, installation (paper, anglepoise lamp, 2014)
Link to Time Channel Time Channel, short film (source code glitched, HD footage, 2014)
Link to Traion series Traion series, collaborative film and site-specific installation works with Maryclare Foá (graphite, digital drawing, Flash, Photoshop, 2014)
Link to Draw to Perform Draw to Perform, collaborative performative lecture with Maryclare Foá (paper, pen, 2013-4)
Link to 2013 Showreel Showreel, old compilation of various projects (2015)
Link to Future Transport 2030 Future Transport 2030, short film commission, co-direction/art direction/post-production (Flash, After Effects, Illustrator, 2013)
Link to Bishi commission Albion Voice commission, short films for background in the singer Bishi's touring shows (After Effects, Illustrator, 2012)
Link to Medium Medium, site-specific performance (projection of digitally manipulated DV footage, 2012)
Link to Turple Turple, short film commission (After Effects, 2012)
Link to Sky vs SKYPE Sky vs SKYPE, online collaborative performance (graphite, white light, 2011)
Link to Lunch with Miss Smith Lunch with Miss Smith, site-specific performance / installation (paper, pen, Flash, 2010)
Link to Chatter Installation Chatter, installation (crowd-sourced animations, TV sets, 2010-11)
Link to ARC: I Draw for You ARC: I Draw for You, collaborative performance (graphite, white light, 2010)
Link to Place of Work Place of Work, short film (drawing performance and stop-motion, 2009)
Link to Scrub Scratch Scrub Scratch, short film (cleaning products on exposed 16mm film, 2009)
Link to Exorcism Exorcism, performance with manipulated video (After Effects, 2009)
Link to At Home with Mr and Mrs Smith At Home with Mr and Mrs Smith, online performance with avatars (Flash, 2009)
Link to line, process, echo, repeat line, process, echo, repeat2, collaborative performance with PDC (graphite, white light, 2009)
Link to White Lines White Lines, holographic projection (digitally manipulated DV footage, 2008-10)
Link to Head Lines Head Lines, short film (digitally manipulated DV footage, 2008-10)
Link to Sound Drawings Sound Drawings, user generated animation (Flash, 2008)
Link to Photosonic Photosonic, short film (After Effects, 2008)
Link to Out There in the Dark Out There in the Dark, site-specific performance (projection of digitally manipulated stop motion, 2008 -2013)
Link to Hula Doll Hula Doll, installation prototype (found doll, arduino processor, motor, 2007-8)
Link to Dog Betty Dog Betty, site-specific performance (paper costume, 2007)
Link to Sunset Backyard Sunset Backyard, short film (digitally manipulated stop-motion, 2007)
Link to Easy Guide to Flash Easy Guide to Flash, author, illustrator (Flash, 2006)
Link to Visitation Visitation, site-specific installation (old TV sets, digitally manipulated DV footage, After Effects, 2004)
Link to Virus Virus, graduation film (digitally manipulated DV, 3d Studio Max, After Effects, 1999) and performance/installation (1996)
Link to Waves Waves, short student film (Super-8, digitally manipulated DV footage, 3d Studio Max, Premiere, 1998)
Link to life drawing Lifedrawing, various (graphite, undated)