Birgitta Hosea

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Rosary Drawing XXII

Rosary Drawing 12 close up

Rosary Drawing XII is a performance originally created by the artist in 2015 while on a residency in an Italian former convent. Using a metallic scrubber, the artist scrubs away a hole from a series of pieces of black paper while counting down the beads of her deceased Grandmother’s rosary. Rather than saying a prayer for each bead, she makes a mark on the paper through her actions. As the performance progresses, the line of pieces of paper begin to resemble a film strip. This demonstrates the idea that, like a film strip, the rosary is also a device to record actions over time – the prayers that are supposed to be said for each bead.

Rosary Drawing 12 performance

Rosary Drawing 12 performance

Rosary Drawing process

Rosary beads

Rosary Drawing process

Some other rosary drawings

Rosary Drawing first show

Rosary Drawing 12 performance in China

Rosary drawing 12 performance in London