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grants, awards and residencies

2022 Honorable Mention for vision and unique contribution to cinema (Holes), Experimental Forum, Los Angeles.
2022 Principle Investigator, Animating Farnham, KE funding
2021 Artist Residency, C4RD (Centre for Recent Drawing), London
2020 Co Investigator, Sensory Spaces, StoryFutures Immersive Fellowships
2018-2022 Named Researcher, StoryFutures, AHRC Creative Cluster in Immersive Storytelling
2020 Norman McLaren-Evelyn Lambert Award for Best Book on Animation Published 2018-19, Society for Animation Studies, Experimental and Expanded Animation (eds. Hamlyn and Smith, Ch.12 by Birgitta Hosea)
2018 Visiting Researcher grant, Bill Douglas Cinema Museum, Exeter
2017 Norman McLaren-Evelyn Lambert Award for Best Book on Animation Published 2015-16, Society for Animation Studies, Animated Landscapes (edited by Chris Pallant, Chapter 9 by Birgitta Hosea)
2016 Artist-in-residence, Goan Conversations, Manora, Goa, India
2016-18 Visiting Professorship, School of Arts and Film, Chengdu University, China
2016 Artist-in-residence, Cill Rialaig, Ireland
2015 Artist-in-residence, ATINA Asilo, Italy
2014 Artist-in-residence, Yarat Contemporary Arts, Baku, Azerbaijan
2010 Artist-in-residence, Digital Arts and Animation Department, School of Cinematic Arts, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, USA
2010 Adobe Impact Award
2010 Artist-in-residence (in collaboration with Foá, Grisewood, McCall), the Centre for Drawing, Wimbledon College of Art
2009 Second prize, MAMA Awards for Holographic Arts (Performance category), Musion Academy, London
2009 Artist-in-residence (in collaboration with Foá, Grisewood, McCall), the Centre for Drawing, Wimbledon College of Art
2006 Finalist, DIFFRACTION ARTIST PLACEMENT, Arts Council England, Adobe, Montalvo Arts Centre and The Junction.
2004 Nominated Fellow of the Royal Society of the Arts (fRSA)


2022 Fission: the New Wave of International Digital Art (co-curated with Zhang Xiaotao and Li Fei), Guizhou Provincial Museum, China: 44 international digital media artists
2020-2022 Synaesthetic Syntax (co-curated with Juergen Hagler), Expanded Animation, Ars Electronica, Linz: live and online events
2021 Performance Drawing 2021 (co-curated with Maryclare Foá and Carali McCall), Centre for Recent Drawing, London: 8 artists: VR gallery, residencies, live and online events
2017 Performing Identity: Inside the Outsider (co-curated with Rose Bond), Boundary Crossings, Pacific Nothwest College of Art, Portland, Oregon, USA:exhibition of animation installation
2017 Lying Belly, 51% Remember Her, Elements Gallery, London and Strangelove Film Festival, Folkestone: selection of feminist animations
2015 The Fair and the Foul (with Julie Matthias and Dawn Kemp), The Old Operating Theatre Museum, London: animated interventions to permanent museum collection
2015 Women Hold Up Half the Sky (with Chunning Guo and Shelley Page), Strangelove Moving Image Festival: program of animations by Chinese women
2014 Chunning Guo, Ketchup, Window Gallery, Central Saint Martins, London
2014 12 Azerbaijani artists; Birgitta Hosea, Shadow Voices, Natavan Gallery, Baku, Azerbaijan;
2014 Maryclare Foá, Birgitta Hosea, Carali McCall, Anne Robinson, Sarah Sparkes,Thurle Wright, Seeafar, Num3er Gallery, Deptford X, London;
2014 Maryclare Foá, Birgitta Hosea, Carali McCall, Anne Robinson, Sarah Sparkes,Thurle Wright, Seeafar, Folkestone Triennial Fringe, Folkestone;
2013 Curatorial team member responsible for AV (overall curator – Jeremy Till), Liquid Boundaries, UK Pavilion, Shenzhen Architecture and Urbanism Biennial, China;
2003-10 Adobe Inspired Media, monthly event in London for creatives from animation, post-production and motion graphics

selected solo exhibitions

2021-2 Holes, ASIFA Keil, Q21, Vienna, Austria
2018 Erasure, Hanmi Gallery, Seoul, Korea
(interview - Studio International)
2016 Erased, Whelkboy Gallery, Folkestone
2011 Chatter, animation installation, Bar Sequence, London
2010 Chatter, animation installation, Cinematic Arts Gallery, USC, Los Angeles, USA
Lunch with Miss Smith, site-specific interactive animation installation, Mansfield Court, London
  ARC: I draw for you, Performance, Centre for Drawing, Wimbledon (in collaboration with Foá, Grisewood, McCall)
2009 line process echo repeat2, Performance, Centre for Drawing, Wimbledon (in collaboration with Foá, Grisewood, McCall)
2007 Dog Betty performances, public intervention, central London
2004 Visitation (curated by Sandra Louison)
Site specific video installation in the Crypt of St Pancras Church featuring video loops playing on piles of broken old TV sets in the dark tunnels of the crypt. London.
Reviewed on Radio 4.
1998 Fluid Fictions (curated by Bradley Quin)
Installation of computer animation and Super-8 projections in Christie's (the auctioneer’s) warehouse, London. Part of Ice Garden - work from Swedish artists.
1997 Romantic Fictions (with Elaine Axten) – installation of mutilated Mills and Boons romantic novels.
Shown in Whitechapel Open and Waterstones bookshop as part of MAVIS Goes Shopping: a series of site-specific installations by artists in shops on Camden High Street, London.
1996 Virus installation, performance and giant virus sculptures.
Shown in Whitechapel Open and as part of World AIDS Day Exhibition at the Globe Centre, London
1993 Hot Pussy – sexual chair sculpture installation - The Edge Gallery, Cromer Street, London.
Reviewed in Time Out, The Face, Ms London, Skin Two, Brutus (Japan), Pink Paper, Capital Gay, Virgin FM, News of the World, Shebang. Interviewed on TV – UK Living (Sky TV, Europe) and Fashion Sushi (NTV, Japan)
1993 Seaside Collection - Lauren Shanley Contemporary Textiles, London. Reviewed in Time Out and the Evening Standard
1992 Dream Chair, Baik Gallery, London

selected group exhibitions and screenings

2022 Beijing Illumination: An Artistic Journey of Changping, Xiayuan Art Season, Changping District, Beijing, China: Holes
  Rhapsody On Earth, Guiyang Shang Space Art Centre, China: dotdot dash (documentation)
  Fisson: International New Wave of Digital Art, Guizhou Provincial Museum, China: Holes (installation)
  Film festival screenings of Holes (short film version):
Animafest Cyprus;
Athens AnimFest, Greece;
Antimatter [Media Art], Deluge Contemporary Art, Victoria, BC, Canada;
Brighton International Animation Festival, UK;
Chicago Underground Film Festival, USA;
Fest Anča, Slovakia
2021 Performance Drawing 2021, Centre for Recent Drawing and Hundred Years Gallery, London: Walk Cycle (with Footslip)
  Figures in Focus, London International Animation Festival, Barbican, London: Erasure
  Drawn to Time, Drawing Research Network, Loughborough University: Traion III (Folkestone)
  Vertigo of Time, Pareidolie Salon international du dessin contemporain, Marseilles: Erasure
2020 Gender*uck, National Gallery X (curated by Flux Artists): Out There in the Dark, Medium, Traion I (Ferme), Rosary Drawing XII, dotdot dash
  Milieu and Moment Dimension, Zhejiang University School of Art and Design: Infection Drawing II (Trojan), Infection Drawing III (24 Hours in Zoom)
  The Epic of the Trails: Art of Metropolitan Trails, Pavillion of the Arsenal, Paris: dotdot dash
  Pandemic Encounters, Leonardo Laser live online peformance event with Paul Sermon (curated by Randall Packer): Soleimon von Schrenk-Magico
  The Trojan Donkey, Facebook Live performance art event (curated by Amin Gulgee,Adam Fahy-Majeed and Sara Vaqar Pagganwala): Infection drawing II (Trojan)
  Beg, Steal, Borrow, Bermondsey Project Space, London: Medium, Out There in the Dark
2019 Empire II: VOID, 58th Venice Biennale UK Collateral exhibition (curated by Vanya Balogh): Erased
  Metamorphosis, Red Square Museum, Shenzhen, China (curated by Tianran Duan): Erasure, Rosary Drawing XII
  Empire II: Age of Anxiety, Oaxaco Museum of Contemporary Art, Mexico (curated by Vanya Balogh and Marissa ): Erasure, Untitled Hitchcock Still #1, Erased
  In The Dark, Cello Factory, London (curated by Genetic Moo): opening night performance of dotdot dash
2018 Night Walking North Kent Festival and London Park City Festival (curated by Charlie Fox for InspiralLondon): dotdot dash
  Mind Your Head Art Cabaret, Golden Anchor, London (curated by Calum F Kerr and Caroline Gregory): Melania the Stepback Wife
  Empire II: Age of Anxiety, Haus Gallery, Tallinn Art Week, Estonia; Rogue Gallery Studio, Hastings; Super Pop, Madrid; Etablissement Culturel Solidare, Paris; (curated by Vanya Balogh): Erasure, Untitled Hitchcock Still #1
2017 Longitude and Latitude, Chengdu Museum of Contemporary Art, China (curated by Zhang Xiaotao): Warping the Weft
  Karachi Biennale, Theosophy Society, Karachi, Pakistan (curated by Amin Gulgee): Medium
  Empire II: Age of Anxiety, Castello 1610/A, Venice Biennale; Brussels Art Week; Unit 1 Gallery, London; White Post/Corridor Gallery, London; SPEKTRUM, Berlin (curated by Vanya Balogh): Erasure
  Holland Animated Film festival, Utrecht; Strangelove Film Festival, Folkestone; Canterbury AniFest, UK; AnimFest, Athens; Mzansi Women’s Film Festival, Johannesburg, South Africa; Libo International Animation and Comics Festival, Guizhou, China; Les Femmes Underground Film Festival, Los Angeles; Eye Myth Festival, Vancouver; AntiMatter, Victoria, Canada; AFC Global Fest, Kolkata, India; Locomocion, Mexico; Visionaria, Italy: Erasure
(Interview - Eyemyth)
  51% Remember Her, Elements Gallery, London (curated by Rebecca Feiner): Rosary Drawing XII, Erasure
2016 Big Deal#7, Leicester Square Q-Park, London (curated by Vanya Balogh): Virus Stills 1-7
  Beyond Noumenon, New Media Arts Centre, Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, Chongqing, China (curated by Tingting Lu and Tianran Duan): Rosary Drawing XII, Scoured I-XV, Cleaning I-II
  Kicking an Elephant Through a Catflap, Royal College of Art, Kensington (curated by Qona Rankin): Cleaning I-II
  MarKings, House of Illustration, London (curated by Megan Donnelly): Notes on a Table (with Foá, Grisewood, McCall)
(Review by John Miers)
  Homunculous, the Asylum, London (curated by Rekha Sameer): Shadow Ship
2015 Drawn Conversations,(in collaboration with Drawn Together) Performance Studio, University of Coventry (curated by Jill Journeaux and Helen Gorrill): Notes on a Table I (After John Cage) and Notes on a Table II (Reunion)
  Mysterious Objects at Noon, Art Lacuna, London (in collaboration with Lynn Lu)(curated by Gavin Maughfling & Suzanne Emmony): Paradoxes for the Virtual II
  The Fall of the Rebel Angels, Castello 1610/A, Venice Biennale satelite show, Italy(curated by Vanya Balogh): Anguish II (After Delsarte)
  Mysterious Objects at Noon, Objectif, Singapore (in collaboration with Lynn Lu)(curated by Gavin Maughfling & Suzanne Emmony): Paradoxes for the Virtual II
  Year of the Sheep, QPark Chinatown, London (curated by Vanya Balogh): Trotting Shadow I (Ram Ladies)
  G+VERL, University of Hertfordshire, London (curated by Ian Willcock): Time Channel
  Play, Lab451London, Camden Image Gallery, London (in collaboration with Lynn Lu)(curated by Geraldine Gallavardin): Paradoxes for the Virtual I
2014 Dans Ma Cellule, Une Silhouette, Centre d'Art Contemporain, La Ferme du Buisson, Paris (in collaboration with M. Foá)(curated by Lore Gablier): Traion I (Ferme)
  Over Time, Stephen Lawrence Gallery, University of Greenwich and the National Maritime Museum, London (curated by Anne Robinson): Time Channel
  Drawology, Lanchester Gallery, Coventry (in collaboration with M. Foá) (curated by Deborah Harty): Traion IV (Coventry)
  The Hollow (part of We could Not Agree), Q-Park, Cavendish Square, London (curated by Sarah Sparkes): Shadow Puppet I
2013 Living Film, No-w-here Lab, London (curated by Vicky Smith / Karel Doing): Out There in the Dark
  Draw to Perform, ]Performance Space[, London (with M Foá)(curated by Ram Samocha): Performative lecture
  Technology Frontiers, The Economist, London (curated by Oliver Gingrich): White Lines
  Making Knowledge, Lethaby Gallery, London (curated by Anne Tallentire): research documentation for Medium
2012 Exploding Cinema, Goldsmiths, London (curated by Sarah Sparkes): Medium
  GHost IV, St Johns, London (curated by Sarah Sparkes): Medium
  Dickensian Hauntings, Shoreditch Town Hall, London (curated by Jane Webb): Medium
  Ghost Station, Bletchley Park, Milton Keynes (in collaboration with M. Foá) (curated by Art Hertz): Turple
  Decode / Recode, University of Salford (in collaboration with M. Foá) (curated by Paul Sermon): Turple
2011 Brixton Calling!, 198 Contemporary Arts and Learning (these works from former members of the Brixton Artists Collective are being archived in the Tate Britain): Dream Chair, Fierce Pussy
  D R A F T, Parasol Unit, London (in collaboration with M K Palomar): Free Time
  Papay Nights Festival, Orkney (in collaboration with Foá, Grisewood, McCall): SKY vs Skype
2010 Mix 23 Queer Experimental Film Festival,New York: Out There in the Dark
Animation Deviation, UWE, Bristol (curated by Vicky Smith): Out There in the Dark
Bitbots, Kingly Court, London: Manga cat toy
Holographic Serendipity,
Shunt, London (curated by Oliver Gingrich): White Lines
I Can't Even Draw Straight,
LLGFF, British Film Institute, London (curated by Jason Barker): Out There in the Dark
, P3, London (curated by Oliver Gingrich): White Lines
2009 Joined Up,The Vault Gallery, Lancaster (in collaboration with Foá, Grisewood, McCall): Collaborative Drawing
Musion Gala Awards, The Old Cinema, University of Westminster, London (curated by Oliver Gingrich): White Lines
Act Art 7, Hidden, London (curated by Mark Massive): Out There in the Dark
UpStage 090909 Festival,Haymatlos, Eclectic Tech Carnival, Istanbul, Turkey; Norsk Telemuseum, Oslo, Norway; Muffatwerk Cafe, Munich, Germany; New Dowse Gallery, Wellington, New Zealand; Hutt City Libraries, New Zealand; SCHAUMBAD - Freies Atelierhaus Graz, Austria; MAD @ Smalle Haven Eindhoven, Netherlands; APO33, Nantes, France; School of Interactive Art and Technology, Simon Fraser University in Surrey, BC, Canada; Syneme, University of Calgary, Canada; Culture Centre Pancevo, Serbia (curated by Helen Varley Jamieson and Vicki Smith): At Home with Mr and Mrs Smith
Forkbeard Residency showcase, Devon: Exorcism
Musion Showcase,
Slade Technology Fayre (curated by Oliver Gingrich): White Lines
Showcase 09, Lethaby Gallery, London (curated by Andrew McGettigan): Place of Work
2008 Explorations, the Innovation Centre, CSM, London: research documentation from Out There in the Dark
line process echo repeat
, the Lethaby Gallery, London (with Foá, Grisewood, McCall): Out There in the Dark
Moves08, Manchester: Photosonic; Sound Drawings
2007 Here Tomorrow Residency, the Lethaby Gallery, London: Dog Betty
Adobe Inspired Media, Curzon Cinema, London:
Dog Betty
2006 1era Bienal Internacional de Performance, Santiago de Chile
Bilbao, Spain: London Angel
2005 Cosmic Zoom festival, Denmark: London Angel
Video Forum, London: London Angel
291 Gallery, London: London Angel
the Fleapit, London: London Angel
Northern Exposure, Newcastle: London Angel
2004 IBC, Amsterdam: London Angel
Adobe Live, South Africa: London Angel
2003 San Diego Experimental Film Festival, San Diego Museum of Photographic Arts, USA: 90
2001  IBC, Amsterdam: Colombia Road
Video Forum, London: Colombia Road
2000 ICA Bar, London: Virus
291 Gallery, London: Virus
Raya, Athens, Greece: Virus
Keigo Arts, Japan: Virus
LoveBytes, Sheffield: Virus
The Ikon Gallery, Birmingham: Virus
1999 Lux Centre, London: Virus
Chicago Underground Film Festival, USA: Virus
Raindance Festival, London: Virus
1998 London Electronic Arts, London: Waves
Chisenhale Dance Centre, London: Waves
1997 Backspace Cyber Café, London: Virus interactive
Globe Centre, London: Virus installation
1994 3 Little Bloomfield, Sydney, Australia: Hot Pussy
Hackney Town Hall, London: Hot Pussy
1993 Whitechapel Open, London: Hot Pussy
1992 The Worx, London: Angels
Cable Street Studios, London: Dream Chair; Angels
1991 Brixton Art Gallery, London: Dream Chair; Angels
1987 Transmission Gallery, Glasgow: Why Witch?
Centre for Contemporary Art, Glasgow: Why Witch?