Birgitta Hosea

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After Delsarte

In this series of works, a reaction to the crises in capitalism, Birgitta Hosea performs a series of poses from Delsarte's Victorian manual on melodramatic acting. She then cuts the poses from drawings so that the self portrait is at once an absence, a lack, a void and yet also a record of a performance. The work records her feelings of depair and helplesness at the actions of of global bankers.

Anguish (After Delsarte) II, II and IV

Anguish (After Delsarte) II

This work was created for The Fall of the Rebel Angels at the Venice Biennale, 2015, curated by Vanya Balogh. It features an enactment of various stages of the poses for 'anguish' as defined by Delsarte. The poses are cut out of speed drawings of bankers on the move created in situ outside the Bank of England on copies of the Financial Times.

Documentation of the work in the space in Venice as it changed according to light levels

Anguish I (After Delsarte)

This image features in the exhibition catalogue